Audrey Noronha-Teixeira, BSc.

Ind. Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Skin Care and Colour

Why use Mary Kay – We’re obsessed with your relationship with your skin

Regimen customised – formulated to work for your specific skin needs determined by your age, skin type etc – individuality

  1. Easy – Personalised Skin Consultationswith myself, an experienced Professional consultant in business for 25+ years
  2. High Tech SKIN CARE– Globally ranked (Euroline monitor) as Top 5 with a 100% satisfaction guaranty – no time limit
  3. Millions$$ invested in research and technology – transparency
  4. More that 500000tests or quality, performance and safety
  5. Over 1300 patentson  products, technologies and packaging designs ++ Globally Ranked TOP 5 in Skin Care (by Euromonitor)

Mary Kay does NO animal testing and was the first to invest $$$ to find alternate methods

50+ years as a skin care company

About Audrey

Background – Aviation, Electronics with BSc in Bio/Chemistry & a minor in Psychology

Entrepreneur, running the Mary Kay business since 1991 and leadership role as a director in 1996. Expanded as a Global director (working overseas in conjunction with Canada) in 2007.

Prior to Mary Kay, worked at Pearson Int’l in Air Traffic Control
Education in bio/chem which gives me a better understanding of the science behind the technology of skin care. .

Why Mary Kay over other products – Due to allergies to natural products Mary Kay was recommended by my Immunologist (allergy specialist); high end product without the high end price.

Why Mary Kay as a business – diversity of skin types; excellent marketing model, ethics and integrity, thus a win win – client/consultant face to face relationship which builds longevity and loyalty in clients.


Audrey Noronha-Teixeira, BSc.

Skin Care and Colour

Cell: 416.738.3255