Kat Downey

Hi I’m Kat Downey.

I do an incredible job of helping people arrive at the absolute best Estate plan for their families. We save them a ton of money, time and potential chaos. I take what is often perceived as a complicated and dreary process and make it simple and effortless.

I am an Amazon #1 bestselling author in my field and recognized as the 4 time national expert in prepaid funeral plans.

My clients feel ecstatic to get this process behind them and are always commenting how much better they sleep at night knowing they have made the right decision that will positively impact their children forever.

I look forward to the opportunity of taking this headache off your hands.

Kat Downey

DNA Educational Coordinator
Funeral Director


Phone: 905.717.9197, 905.399.5341

Mail: katdowney@legacymatters.ca

Web: legacymatters.ca