Liz Catalli


Successful, engaging, experienced HR professionals with generalist experience in various industries such as food, construction, automotive, environmental, not for profit offering Strategic HR Solutions such as:

*Review, Revise or creation of HR practices and policies to ensure they are compliant

*Recruitment and selection practices

*Review, recreate job descriptions

*Advice on Termination, corrective action case

*Onsite HR support during termination

*Review of HR Business scorecard to ensure reliability against business goals

*Supervisory training such as Effective Leadership, Future Thinking and Corrective Action in a Union and non-union environment.

*Health and Safety Training

*Review and advise on termination letters

*Review grievance letters and union grievances

*Negotiate issues with union business representatives

*Review of HR goals and accountability

*Dispute letters to WSIB

*Compensation strategy to ensure market competitiveness and retention

*Benefit review and implementation

Liz Catalli

DNA Director of Harmony
Senior HR Consultant

Cell: 416.558.2608