David Bull


Cash Rebates App raises funds for Charities in a revolutionary way.
We have a Network of Consumers who receive Rebates from our Network of Merchants that pay us an Advertising fee for introducing the Consumers to them.
We pay our expenses out of the advertising fee and donate as much as 60% of the net to Charities every time a transaction takes place.

The Result;

  1. Consumers get a special deal they can’t get anywhere else
  2. Businesses get new clients
  3. Charities get a steady stream of Income

Extra Incentives to be on our Network for all involved

  1. Introduce a Consumer – get paid every time they perform a transaction on the Network
  2. Introduce a Business – get paid when they perform transactions with Members
  3. Introduce a Charity – get paid 10% of what we pay them each time they get paid

Our Slogan

Make The CRA Pay!

David Bull

Cash Rebates

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