Marco Hernandez

My name is Marco Hernandez – Chief I.T. Guy and Founder.

I manage, fix and improve my clients’ I.T. so they can overcome and conquer technology and thrive in the digital world.

My journey through the information technology industry started many moons ago when I was a young, innocent law student in my sophomore year. One day, while writing a paper, my computer simply died. Desperate I took it to a local computer repair shop and after long delays and a very expensive invoice my lovely 80486 IBM PC was “fixed”… or so I thought.

I realized soon enough something was not quite right – performance was not the same. I decided to get a second opinion and I found out key components like RAM and processor were swapped by lower quality equivalents.

Furious I decided to learn how to fix my own stuff so this never happens again. In a matter of weeks I found myself reading more books about computers than law – and quit school to enroll in a computer sciences program at a community college.

After only few months I got my first paid job fixing computers! To give you some perspective, these were the times when Altavista and CompuServe reigned supreme.

Today, after thousands of satisfied users and clients, I still love what I do; I took what happened to me and made it the cornerstone of my practice: never lie to a customer and always be straight forward, no b.s. or sugarcoating. The industry is changing and I try my dear best to change with it.

Before, the challenges were keeping your hardware and software running so your business can function. Now, there’s a cyber war happening online and ourselves and our business are fair game. We have to learn how to live, work and play on an ever-changing digital world.

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