Gerry Phillips

Gerry is an independent Insurance broker offering Life, Critical Illness and Disability protection. As an independent broker, he is able to find the best products, as well as the best prices, for any situation. Every situation is different so, finding the right solution can sometimes prove to be difficult. Whether you are protecting your estate with permanent insurance or using term insurance to cover your debt, using the right product can have a huge impact.

For entrepreneurs, protecting themselves can sometimes make the difference of their business surviving if they became sick or injured. From simple, affordable coverage to complex, in depth protection, there is something for everyone!

Gerry specializes in corporate insurance that can help small to medium sized businesses and their owners pull capital out of their corporation in the most tax efficient way possible. He is expert in offering wealth strategies that not only can save thousands in taxes, but also create wealth while protecting the owner, the business and his or her family! These would include various Key Man protections as well as financed buy/sell agreements.

He  also offers group health plans that can be as basic or comprehensive as the owner wants or needs.

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