Jemine Jegede

DNA - Jemine Jegede

Using the skills she learned in corporate, her love of the arts and her university degree, Jemine gives other women the inspiration they need that they, too, can own their own company. Gift Solutions by Blossom is a full service gift company that Jemine started to give her a creative outlet. As a national health & safety manager for diverse industries, she found her days to be “very serious and in most cases, intense”. I oversaw various aspects of compliance enforcement, program development and training with extensive travel. Having a gifting company gave me an outlet to use my creativity. Gift Solutions by Blossom also became my way of appreciating family and friends with items I knew they would love because they were personalized .” But the #1 question everyone has for Jemine, “what is the art of appreciation ?” Bottom line everyone wants to feel loved and valued in this day and age – that their contribution, work, service, business matter … that they matter.”

At Gift Solutions by Blossom, we realize that you send a gift basket to tell someone that you appreciate them and that they are important to you. You celebrate with them when a baby is born or a wedding or birthday occurs. You feel for them when there is an illness or a passing. You congratulate them on a triumph. You thank them for things they have done for you or with you. Our job is to impress them with your thoughtfulness. Everyone desires to feel loved and valued and that’s the message we want to help you convey through tasteful, generously filled and personally arranged gifts, gourmet gift baskets & greeting cards.




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