Tina Marie Singh

Lionsgate Design Inc.

At Lionsgate Design Inc. we help Homeowners, Builders, and Architects who are looking for a bespoke experience and hands off project management to overcome their challenges of time, creativity and execution for the design, renovation, and decor of their projects.

We create luxurious and functional living spaces helping them avoid expensive mistakes unlike DIY projects that require time, talent and effort.

We are a one stop shop where our clients receive the benefit of access to our vetted experts through our collective. We are also Baeumler Approved which assures our clients and gives peace of mind that they are receiving honest quotes, fair treatment, and a high level of service. Having been in the business for over a decade we also pride ourselves in winning multiple community awards.

We treat every project with the same amount of attention to detail, no matter the budget. We believe we are here to play a small role in bringing our clients dreams to life & creating a positive impact in their life.

We see every person we meet as an individual with unique circumstances, needs & preferences. We are patient in our approach & help our clients overcome overwhelm & stress related to designing & decorating their beautiful, luxurious living spaces.